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Δ Are tired of being cut off at the knees by other people.

Δ Don’t want to have to claw and scratch to be heard.

Δ Are done with working so hard to prove yourself that you have no time or energy for your family.

Δ Can’t handle another person taking your ideas and getting promoted for it.

Δ Might be getting well paid, but you simply aren’t getting the respect and recognition you deserve.

Δ Feel like nobody is listening to you and your words are bouncing off the walls.

Δ Are always left wondering, ‘is it because I’m Black?’

I get it! I FELT this exact pain and frustration for years & years.

But then something shifted.

I started to realize that I was making some pretty serious mistakes in the way I was relating to other people, taking care of myself and seeing myself as a professional.


Although it's frustrating to think that I was sabotaging my success all those years, I am thrilled to say that I am now able to:

Get paid for what I'm worth


Say what I think without being nasty

Network like a boss lady!

Get fantastic promotions and work offers

Learn to say no with a smile


Have my voice be heard and appreciated


Communicate without being judged as the angry Black woman

Keep a level of inner peace even when things get hectic


Know how to ask for help while maintaining my respect

Be strategic with my connections


Have my work be in total alignment with my values

Feel confident and happy going to work every day

Connect heart-to-heart with my co-workers and bosses

Download Your Free Ebook, “The 7 Mistakes I Made In My Career As A Black Woman.”