Hi I'm Kaytura Felix!

I help Black women thrive in their careers and make a huge impact in their work.  Grab my ebook written especially for you, “The Top 7 Mistakes I Made In My Career As A Black Woman” to help you fast-track your career.

As A BLACK Woman...

I KNOW what it’s like to have to work harder than anybody else in your office.

But now I know it doesn’t have to be that way because…

these days I have more fun than anybody else in the room!
(and still make fantastic money, love my job and am valued and respected for my skills)

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Refreshingly honest straight talk about work so you don’t ever have to feel alone.  I create content twice per month.

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The only thing keeping me from falling asleep at my desk at 3pm was the sugar fix that I needed to keep me from crashing.